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How to Join:

Fill in the Application form & click 'Send'. We respond to applications within a week of submission so don't send us a follow up asking if we received yours.


Before applying:

At Dial-Up Studios we're constantly looking for talented individuals who have a grasp on incredibly unique senses of art styles in animation, live acting, voice acting, music, etc. Our goal is to make films with hundreds of diverse styles that mix traditional, modern & unseen forms of moving art so the more bizarre/unconventional your style along with a decent portfolio, the more likely you are to be accepted

So I made an entry for Toy Story 2 Redialed before the contest, why wasn't it in the final?

Sorry to pop your & countless others' bubbles, but just because you made a parody of a scene in Toy Story 2 & uploaded to YouTube doesn't mean we saw it. While we appreciate the enthusiasm to be a part of our parody films, its not how we do things. The director methodically cuts up the original film & carefully chooses an artist[s] to recreate the scene based on what they want to convey in the new scene. Making a collab movie requires a lot of attention to detail to make seamless transitions between artists. If you really want to be in a future project, your best chance is to submit an application form & continue expanding your portfolio.

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