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Where does the donation $ go?

All donations as well as Youtube Ad Sense money are first spent on operation costs (ie, Vimeo subscription hosting, web hosting, etc), the remaining money goes to the "Spread the Net" charity that aims to reduce malaria in the African nations with insecticide-treated bed nets. Nobody in Dial-Up Studios is profiting from our projects & all receipts are posted to our Twitter page monthly as evidence. We're here to make smiles not cash. 

Why spend some of the donation $ on video hosting sites instead of uploading to YouTube for free?

YouTube is without a doubt the king of video sharing but ever since the "Ad-pocalypse" [beginning in August 2016] & the "Right to Monetize" [November 2020 update] policies were applied, the website has shifted to limiting/silencing creators forcing them to gravitate to family friendly content. This was done to satisfy companies' fears of backlash, slowly mounting to free viewers drowning in a sea of ads due to Google's greed. Toy Story 2 Redialed Censored is on YouTube solely to garner a larger audience reach, however due to the "Ad-pocalypse" we cannot upload the Director's Cut version as it isn't family friendly. The "Right to Monetize" policy YouTube doesn't give us the option to turn ads off our videos so we'd be losing !00% of ad-sense money if we aren't a part of the YouTube Partnership Program. Video hosting isn't free, but it shouldn't interfere with an audience's experience with a movie. This is why we have our films on Vimeo & NewGrounds as they've adopted an ad-free video sharing model, protecting the integrity of the creator & audiences while still making a profit. We want anyone with an internet connection to have an ad-free viewing experience.

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