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Want to be in Toy Story 2 Redialed? It's not too late to join the party! We have 1 spot left so if think you have what it take to make a memorable for the ending. We are looking for a creative take on the Original Closing Scene of Toy Story 2.

The Original Scene:


Contest Rules:

Due Date:
Submissions will close on January 29, 2024 at 11:59pm EST. We won't accept any other submissions for this contest afterwards.



Aim for 4k resolution (4096 × 2160), but its not mandatory. Try to make your final video as high quality as you can! Along with the visuals of the film, all audio MUST be remade since it is copyrighted.

The more creative your scene is the better! Our film ended with Andy being shot why Wheezy so think of a fun way to play off that cliff hanger (perhaps the toys go to Andy's funeral? celebrate his death? think of an interesting way to end the film!)

Some limits on Censorship:
Now to be clear, anything goes except for nudity. You can have the characters swear, include gore, etc, but anything too overly graphic will be ignored. If you aren't sure what you're planning to do is acceptable, just reach out to via Email & ask.

Length of Submission:

Try to keep your submission close to the same time frame as the one chosen/assigned. A second or two over or under compared to the original scene time is acceptable.

File Format:

The final submitted video file must be either; .avi, .mov or .mp4 format & emailed to:
If your file size is too large try sending it via

So I made a parody of the final scene in Toy Story 2 Redialed! How do I know if its going to be in the next version?

While we appreciate the heck out of everyone who took the time to make their parody video of 'Scene 356' there will only be only 1 winner... but it could be you! We will email you back within a week of your submission to confirm we go it!

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